Hand Held Tile Saw Kit 110V

Hand Held Tile Saw Kit 110V

Manufacturer: Rubi

Code: F16040

Model: TC-125


The TC-125 Rubi circular cutter is part of the SLAB system for porcelain slabs and large format tiles, and includes all the elements necessary for cutting with the TC-125 circular saw of these materials.

The kit includes:
- The circular cutter TC-125.
- 3 Slim cutter guides of 110 cm, each. (For the proper functioning of the TC-125, it is NECESSARY, the use of these guides).
- 2 fixing suction cups for rough surfaces (RM). - 1 TCR-125 diamond disc for dry cutting (compatible with wet cutting) of porcelain stoneware (the TCR disc is not suitable for 45º cutting). - 2 clamps for additional fixing of the SLIM guide. - Tool set. - Practical textile bag for transporting the guides and rigid case for the TC-125 cutter.
- The circular cutter TC-125 of RUBI, has a double system of reduction and control of the dust generated during cutting. Either, by means of its connection to a vacuum cleaner (dry cut) or, through the intake of water.
- The connection to the vacuum cleaner is 32 mm, but an adapter is included for other diameters. The water intake consists of a quick connection for 16 mm hose and a rubber stopper, which covers the intake of the vacuum cleaner and makes, during wet cutting, secondary grip functions, improving ergonomics during cutting.
- The head of the TC-125 is foldable up to 45º and adjustable in height. In this way, it is possible to miter and obtain special cuts and with greater precision (it must be borne in mind that the thickness of the cut varies according to the diameter of the disc).
- For miter cutting, the TC-125 includes an additional handle that increases control and visibility during cutting and improves work ergonomics.

The switch of the TC-125 has a safety lock that prevents unintentional starting, and an electric cable with PRCD to protect the equipment from power surges.

For the design of the TC-125. The incorporation of a disc protector with a quick opening lid has been taken into account, which facilitates the disc change and reduces the particle projection. In addition, the side protector improves the performance of the dust control system.

With the TC-125 circular cutter, there is no cutting limit that stops the projects of the professional setters from all over the world.

  • Cutting length - 320 cm
  • Cutting height - 20-25 mm
  • Miter Thickness cut - 14-18 mm
  • Power supply - 110-130V 50-60Hz
  • Watts - 1250 W
  • Revolutions per minute - 13800
  • Outside diameter - 115-125 mm
  • Inside diameter - 22,2 mm
  • With carrying case - 
  • Length Width Height (machine overall dimensions) - 330x239x206 cm
  • Weight with carrying case - 14 kg

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