MaxiTrack 1.8m X 0.9m

MaxiTrack 1.8m X 0.9m

Manufacturer: Ground Guards

Code: F16068


MaxiTrack provides a heavy-duty yet man-handleable solution for temporary trackway applications. Manufactured in Europe from high-tech Zetralene plastic, the 40kg mats are incredibly strong with overlapping lipped connectors that provide maximum support and stability. Though heavy-duty, the lightweight design makes the mats easy for two workers to handle without specialist equipment.
*Minimum 2 week hire

  • Incredibly strong design with overlapping lipped connectors.
  • Slotted joints that accommodate expansion on large areas.
  • SmartGrip tread provides superior traction for various vehicles.
  • Lightweight at 40kg, making them easy for two workers to handle.
The mats feature slotted joints that cope with heat expansion on large areas. Their SmartGrip tread offers superior traction in all directions, accommodating various vehicles including rubber tracked, tyred and military vehicles. Steel tracked plant may be used but will cause accelerated wear.
Ideal for heavy-duty applications, large trackway areas, MaxiTrack sets the standard as the world’s most heavy duty man-handleable trackway system.
With a unique combination of strength, traction, flexibility and handling ease, MaxiTrack provides a proven solution for temporary heavy-duty trackway applications where man-handling is required.

  • Heavy industry: Oil and gas facilities, mining operations, manufacturing plants, etc. due to their strength, weight capacity and ability to accommodate various vehicle types.
  • Construction sites: Both commercial and infrastructure projects requiring heavy equipment access over difficult ground.
  • Military operations: Their durability, traction and ability to be joined into large mats makes them suitable for military vehicle access.
  • Large event venues: Concerts, exhibitions and festivals to provide vehicle access and backstage routes.
  • Ports and logistics hubs: To create temporary roadways for heavy vehicles and equipment within terminals and distribution centres.

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