XPERT 1250mm Electric Cutter

XPERT 1250mm Electric Cutter

Manufacturer: Rubi

Code: ZHH001

Model: DCX-250


RUBI's DCX-250 XPERT range of professional cutters are designed for the intensive cutting of porcelain stoneware tiles.

The design of the DCX-250 XPERT cutters includes a highly reinforced aluminium chassis with an innovative triple beam system and steel fronts to improve the stability and rigidity of the entire chassis.

*wear charges apply per mm used on the blade*
Compatible with the below attachments -
Rubi Tile Support Table | Tile Cutters | Sawing & Cutting (nlph.co.uk)
*Items required for use
3KVA Portable Transformer | Transformers | Lighting, Welding & Power (nlph.co.uk)
110V & 240V Extension Leads | Power Cables | Lighting, Welding & Power (nlph.co.uk)

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